Villa Stuck & Friedensengel

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Nearly forgotten today, Franz von Stuck (1863–1928) was a popular and highly acclaimed artist in his time. Stuck designed his Munich villa (built 1897–98) as a rich homage to European art, from antiquity to contemporary styles. Like most late 19th century attempts to revive historical aesthetics in the industrial era its splendor borders on kitsch, and today the richly decorated rooms stuffed with copies of ancient masterpieces might evoke more laughter than awe. Nevertheless it’s quite a sight to see, and since its 1968 conversion to a museum the villa also houses a number of Stuck’s own works.

On my first visit I shot a few iPhone 5s pictures but then decided such a unique place deserves a more thorough treatment, so I returned with the Sony A7R plus SEL-2470Z lens. Though sumptuous the villa is small enough that I was able to capture nearly everything. The first 19 pictures mostly document the building itself, the next 17 Stuck’s paintings (and one sculpture) on display.

Close to Villa Stuck is the famous Friedensengel monument (Angel of Peace), built 1896–99 to celebrate 25 years of peace between France and Germany following the Franco-Prussian war of 1870–71. As I was already there I took another eight pictures and appended them to the end of the gallery.

You can find all 44 pictures from Villa Stuck and Friedensengel in this Google Photos gallery. Click on each image to see the full-size JPEG. The info icon shows basic EXIF data and my description, if any. Use the magnifying glass icon to zoom in, all the way down to individual pixels. Below you can see a cropped & downscaled sample of the amazon guarding the villa’s entrance.

Villa Stuck

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