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Exif for WordPress Galleries

Pictures taken with digital cameras usually hold Exif (Exchangeable image file format) metadata about the camera type, shutter speed, and so on. When you want to show this metadata along with your images in a WordPress gallery you have a problem: neither the built-in media attachment viewer nor most custom viewers (“lightboxes”) show Exif data. […]

Greatest Hits in 2016

Total Kynosarges page hits as determined by Google Analytics shrank considerably year-over-year, going from 174,787 in 2015 (weblog 83,766, website 91,021) to 125,757 in 2016 (weblog 56,993, website 68,764). I’ll discuss likely reasons below. But first, here are the annual Top Ten pages, starting with weblog posts. I’m listing the original publishing date and total […]

Greatest Hits in 2015

Total Kynosarges page hits as determined by Google Analytics were roughly on the same level as last year, going from 173,523 in 2014 (weblog 92,962, website 80,561) to 174,787 in 2015 (weblog 83,766, website 91,021). Here are the annual Top Ten pages, starting with weblog posts. I’m listing the original publishing date and total number […]

Greatest Hits in 2014

Unlike earlier years where I had to guesstimate and combine statistics from multiple sources, the past year was fully covered by Google Analytics. The short version is, total Kynosarges page views nearly doubled from an estimated 95,000 in 2013 to a GA-measured 173,523 in 2014. Not bad for one sad clown amazingly interesting writer! So […]

Syntax Highlighter (MT)

Lengthy code snippets wrapped in standard <pre> tags can be rather hard to read. has a built-in syntax highlighter but the standard installation does not, and neither has Jetpack. Fortunately the feature is based on a freely available JS/CSS library, Syntax Highlighter by Alex Gorbatchev. You can directly add this library to […]

Click Tracking with Google Analytics

I had enabled Google Analytics last September but, until recently, kept WordPress Statistics running as well. One reason was its terribly addictive up-to-the-minute stats view, but more importantly WP tracks outbound clicks and GA doesn’t. Until you write some code, that is. Google Analytics can record hyperlink clicks (and all kinds of other stuff) using […]

Default OpenGraph Image for Jetpack

Jetpack’s “Publicize” feature automatically adds a set of OpenGraph and Twitter Card tags to WordPress posts. (You don’t need to connect any publicize channels to get these tags, but you do need to activate the module itself in the Jetpack control panel.) Generally this works quite well, except for one situation: when you publish posts […]

WordPress Theme on Static Site

Just finished a major redesign of the original Kynosarges website. I might claim its extremely basic old layout was the pinnacle of suave hipster minimalism, except it was actually because I’m clueless about web design. Seeing the pretty weblog here I wanted to have the same look for the static pages on the old website. […]

Sharing Buttons, Take Two

In December 2012 I had removed all social network sharing buttons from my website and weblog, due to lack of use. During these last fourteen months, visitor counts have been growing briskly and referrer activity shows that some people actually occasionally come to this obscure domain from Twitter or Facebook. Part of my decision to […]

Greatest Hits in 2012/13

Time for some self-indulgence! Back in March 2012 I started posting on Blogger but switched to the far superior within a month, and then to a self-hosted WordPress setup in April 2013. Since I only have WordPress stats from April 2012 onward and didn’t write a year-end review in 2013, I’ll combine both years […]