Sinofsky Leaves Microsoft

Well, that came as a surprise. Not so much the fact that Steven Sinofsky unceremoniously leaves the company where he was considered crown prince – he had made plenty of enemies with his personality and leadership style, and Microsoft sources claim that his divisive attitude was indeed the sole reason for his leaving. But one … Continue reading “Sinofsky Leaves Microsoft”

In Soviet Microsoft, Sinofsky Plans You

If nothing else, Steven Sinofsky’s remaking of Windows has provided us with barrels of entertainment. Jay Greene’s thorough profile of the man and his mission describes how Sinofsky quickly rose through the ranks, earning his reputation by shipping Office on time and eventually repairing the Vista disaster. Along the way he restructured Microsoft’s work environment, … Continue reading “In Soviet Microsoft, Sinofsky Plans You”

Microsoft Surface RT Prices

Microsoft has finally revealed the pricing of its upcoming Surface RT tablet, and it certainly exceeds expectations… in the wrong direction. The cheapest version is US$499 but that excludes the foldable keyboard called “Touch Cover” – the Surface’s most distinctive feature, required to properly use the included Office Home & Student. So the actual minimum … Continue reading “Microsoft Surface RT Prices”

No Metro in Windows 8

I apologize for yet another Microsoft rant this week, but this is just incredible. Days after Windows 8’s release to manufacturing, Microsoft renames Metro to “New User Interface”! Apparently someone just discovered that Germany, one of the company’s biggest markets and primary localization targets, is home to wholesale & retail giant Metro AG (2011 sales: … Continue reading “No Metro in Windows 8”

Fixing Windows Programming

Microsoft’s transition from the open Win32 desktop to the closed WinRT app store will alienate many Windows developers… but maybe that’s a good thing. Today I found yet another commercial Windows application – Postbox, an e-mail client from the original Thunderbird team – that’s completely oblivious to high DPI mode. Random GUI elements are hardcoded … Continue reading “Fixing Windows Programming”

Microsoft Surface Reactions

Ten days after the Microsoft Surface announcement, it’s time for a roundup of further details and reactions in the media. The Next Web claims prices will be $599 for ARM (Windows RT) and $999 for x86 (Windows 8 Pro). That’s roughly what was expected, although the RT price seems a bit high. Bloomberg says both … Continue reading “Microsoft Surface Reactions”

Microsoft Surface: The Game Changer

I’ve previously noted the cool reception the Windows 8 previews have received, and I still think upgrades from Windows 7 will hover close to zero. However, this may no longer matter. The new Microsoft Surface is a shockingly well-designed, forward-looking device. Frankly, I had not thought Microsoft capable of this step. Let’s see how it … Continue reading “Microsoft Surface: The Game Changer”

Trolling Windows 8

Veteran Microsoft troll Scott Barnes takes another potshot at his former employer, à propos Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference: The idea that your R&D can be re-used across all your platforms in a consistent and carefully designed manner that isn’t highly reactive to your competitors is quite arrogant and clearly a dumb idea. Microsoft will … Continue reading “Trolling Windows 8”

Windows 8 Doom & Gloom

First off, I haven’t installed any of the Windows 8 previews myself because I lack a spare machine (Virtual PC doesn’t work). I did follow Building Windows 8 and other weblogs and previews rather closely. What I’ve seen was increasingly troublesome, culminating in the following articles on the final Windows 8 Release Preview: Michael Mace: … Continue reading “Windows 8 Doom & Gloom”