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Sid Meier’s Civilization strategy games

Civilization VI Announced

I must admit that I grew rather disappointed with Sid Meier’s Civilization V once the initial enthusiasm wore off. The simplicity of the original Jon Shafer design looked appealing at first, but on closer examination was neither very elegant nor as conducive to a strong AI opponent as one might have hoped. After many erratic […]

Fall Patch for Civ5 Brave New World

Firaxis has just released patch version for Sid Meier’s Civilization V, or rather for Brave New World since most changes are specific to that expansion. I’ve updated my own Civ5 Patch Notes accordingly, this time with extensive reordering and reformatting since the official post was somewhat disorganized. Firaxis also published the Scrambled Continents Map […]

Civilization V: Brave New World

Brave New World, the second expansion to Sid Meier’s Civilization V, is finally upon us. I was quite fond of the original game and its first expansion, Gods & Kings, so I was very much looking forward to this one. Unfortunately I’m somewhat disappointed, as I’ll explain below. But first, here’s a rundown of information […]

Civilization V prepares for Brave New World

Sid Meier’s Civilization V has received a big new patch in preparation for the upcoming second expansion, Brave New World. The full change list for version has already been posted on the 2K Games Forums, and I’ve updated my consolidated patch notes accordingly. Theoretically, the big news in this patch is the introduction of […]

Civilization V Local Happiness

One entry in the notes for the recent Civilization V Fall Patch explicitly distinguishes “local” from “global” happiness: Follower and Pantheon beliefs provide Local Happiness; Founder beliefs provide Global Happiness. At first this mystified me since Civ5 had replaced Civ4’s per-city happiness with purely global happiness effects. But then people pointed out that some happiness […]

Civilization V Fall Patch

The eagerly anticipated “fall patch” (version for Civilization V has just been released, packing an enormous amount of changes into a surprisingly small download. The big new feature is touch screen support for Windows 8, activated through a new launcher option. Here’s a rundown of the new input facilities as listed in the patch […]

Civilization V for Touchscreens

An official announcement should appear shortly, but meanwhile here’s a brief report and preview video from the Intel Developer Forum 2012: Civilization V Gets Touchscreen Adaptation for Ultrabooks and Tablets! Touchscreen support is to arrive in a free patch, presumably coinciding with public availability of touch-friendly Windows 8. That’s very exciting news since the only […]

Civilization V Patch Notes

The last big Civilization V patch was just followed by another hotfix, mostly concerning crashes. Neither has yet been added to the official Patch Notes thread, whose updates were becoming rather sluggish anyway. So I uploaded my own consolidated patch notes file, Civ5PatchNotes.txt. I’ll keep it updated as new patches are released. By the way, […]