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MIME Browser 1.3 Released

Version 1.3 of MIME Browser, my free EML message viewer written in JavaFX, is now available for download. The one big change is the upgrade to Java SE 8 with JavaFX 8 whose new Modena theme is fashionably flat and gray, as you can see in the screenshot below. (I made the blue hyperlinks a […]

JavaFX Text Icons as Images & Files

There are plenty of high-quality icon fonts for scalable user interfaces, and drawing them directly as Text into JavaFX UIs is simple. But what if you need the icon as an Image or a disk file? That’s not hard to achieve, either, but there are some non-obvious steps and many Java APIs to navigate. So […]

WebView, the other JavaFX UI

Aside from its native UI facilities, JavaFX provides a WebView that’s essentially an embedded HTML5 browser. The underlying WebEngine is a modified Webkit engine which you can download here. Digging through the source code, JavaFX 2.2.4 uses Webkit version 535.21 – nearly two years old by now, according to the Webkit version tracker. Still, the […]

MIME Browser 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of MIME Browser, my free multi-platform EML viewer written in JavaFX, is now available for download. No big new features but a lot of small ones, including some user requests, as well as bug fixes and other tinkering. Specify individual files (in addition to folders) directly on the command line, or via drag […]

JavaFX ListView Sizing

JavaFX supports automatic self-adjusting layout that resizes controls along with the containing window, but this may require some non-obvious changes to the controls’ default properties. The problem I recently ran into was automatically resizing a ListView within a VBox. This article describes the undesirable default behavior and its correction, based on JavaFX 2.2 in JDK […]

JavaFX on iOS & Android?

JavaFX does not currently support iOS or Android, but the possibility has been subject to much hopeful speculation. One recent example is Felix Bembrick’s manifesto Six Degrees of Separation. What strikes me as odd is that people still seem to expect Oracle to deliver such ports. True, there was an announcement regarding open-sourcing “JavaFX on […]

JavaFX DPI Scaling

JavaFX is one of the GUI frameworks covered in my overview, DPI Scaling in Windows GUIs. As noted there, JavaFX 2.2 is partly but not fully suited for high DPI scaling on Windows. The default font and all standard controls are automatically scaled whereas explicitly specified sizes are not, with the exception of (some?) CSS […]

MIME Browser 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of MIME Browser, my free multi-platform EML viewer written in JavaFX, is now available for download. This release adds the promised search feature. You can filter the message list by an arbitrary search term which is matched against file names and/or textual file contents. Other enhancements and fixes include: Combine multiple subdirectory levels […]

MIME Browser Released

As I threatened after my unsuccessful Quest for EML Viewers, I wrote my own little cross-platform viewer in JavaFX. I called it “MIME Browser” as that’s the only generically obvious name that wasn’t taken yet. You can find more information and download both a precompiled executable and the complete source code at the new project […]