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Typesetting with TeX and LaTeX

Custom KOMA-Script Letter 1.1

Over the last couple of KOMA-Script releases, I noticed that my custom letter format for this style package had changed its appearance. Specifically, the second page’s header and footer had moved from the margins into the page, taking up far too much space. I opened a (German) bug report on the KOMA-Script forum, including sample […]

TeXstudio improves XeLaTeX support

My favorite LaTeX editor TeXstudio got some significant updates in the last two months. Version 2.4 completely reworked the build system and added direct support for XeLaTeX, the typesetting engine that isn’t stuck in the 20th century and can handle modern things like Unicode and OpenType fonts. TeXstudio now features a built-in command to run […]

Letters with KOMA-Script

The comprehensive LaTeX package KOMA-Script comes with a fairly powerful letter class, scrlttr2, that offers a broad variety of predefined variables and layout positions for window envelopes. Sadly, unlike KOMA-Script’s default layout for normal documents, the default letter layout is rather ugly. The recipient address field is too close to the edges of the envelope […]

LaTeX Typesetting with MiKTeX

LaTeX Typesetting with MiKTeX describes my new LaTeX setup that was first used for the revised Star Chess and Tektosyne documents. The page lists all programs, style packages, and customizations I’m using. You can also download the LaTeX sources for both documents as practical examples. Moreover, I expanded Document Standards with an overview of (La)TeX […]