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WordPress customization and plugins

Exif for WordPress Galleries

Pictures taken with digital cameras usually hold Exif (Exchangeable image file format) metadata about the camera type, shutter speed, and so on. When you want to show this metadata along with your images in a WordPress gallery you have a problem: neither the built-in media attachment viewer nor most custom viewers (“lightboxes”) show Exif data. […]

Syntax Highlighter (MT)

Lengthy code snippets wrapped in standard <pre> tags can be rather hard to read. WordPress.com has a built-in syntax highlighter but the standard WordPress.org installation does not, and neither has Jetpack. Fortunately the WordPress.com feature is based on a freely available JS/CSS library, Syntax Highlighter by Alex Gorbatchev. You can directly add this library to […]

Default OpenGraph Image for Jetpack

Jetpack’s “Publicize” feature automatically adds a set of OpenGraph and Twitter Card tags to WordPress posts. (You don’t need to connect any publicize channels to get these tags, but you do need to activate the module itself in the Jetpack control panel.) Generally this works quite well, except for one situation: when you publish posts […]

WordPress Theme on Static Site

Just finished a major redesign of the original Kynosarges website. I might claim its extremely basic old layout was the pinnacle of suave hipster minimalism, except it was actually because I’m clueless about web design. Seeing the pretty weblog here I wanted to have the same look for the static pages on the old website. […]

Switching Site Search to Google

My site search had been powered by DuckDuckGo over the last year, and this weblog had been using the WordPress search widget since I started self-hosting in April. Today I’ve changed both to Google Search, so as to deliver better search results to my visitors. I still recommend DuckDuckGo for general use, and keep it […]

Switching to Google Analytics

For years I crunched server logs with WebLog Expert to obtain visitor statistics for my website. During the last four months I also ran my own Referrer Filter to cut down on referrer spam. It was laborious but I thought I was getting a pretty accurate picture of human visitors, without the kind of intrusive […]

Cleaning WordPress Databases

WordPress is a fine blogging software but the standard package lacks a disturbing number of basic features, even including Akismet and Jetpack. Yesterday I discovered that WordPress, which automatically saves post revisions for every edit and preview, never ever deletes them! Not only does WordPress not delete old revisions automatically, it does not even offer […]

WordPress Caching & Pushing

A couple of unexpected issues came up after last month’s weblog move. First, Jetpack’s “Top Posts & Pages” widget (here titled “Popular Posts”) has a well-known bug: only 9–10 entries appear, even when a higher limit is set in the WordPress dashboard. I posted an explanation and PHP fix on the Jetpack support forum. Hopefully […]

Theme Tweaks & Responsive Design

Before we get back to our regularly scheduled blogging, here’s an addendum on my recent host change plus a brief discussion of “responsive” design and modern CSS sizes. First, the Akropolis is back! The page did look rather bleak without its colorful header image, and I compensated by rearranging the header text and cutting excessive […]

Weblog Move Complete

After a brief stint at Blogger and ten months at WordPress, this weblog has now reached its (hopefully) final location at a new subdomain of the Kynosarges website. I updated all pages and older posts with the following new URLs: news.kynosarges.org for the weblog news.kynosarges.org/feed for the RSS feed I also bought a one-year permanent […]