Civilization V Pre-Expansion Patch

Firaxis has just patched Sid Meier’s Civilization V to version in preparation for the upcoming expansion Gods & Kings. The patch contains a few notable interface tweaks:

  • You can finally retire from a game!
  • You can finally toggle unit animations (movement & combat) during a game. This includes disabling them in single-player and enabling them in multiplayer.
  • You can finally disable the intro movie permanently. A pretty static load screen showing a random wonder of the world appears instead.
  • Mod downloads use the new Steam Workshop overlay. I must say it’s rather ugly compared to the previous integrated browser, but I suppose it saves Firaxis a lot of maintenance effort.

You can find the full patch notes on the official forum. I’ve updated my Civilization V Manual Addenda accordingly.

Please note that the patch may break existing save games. This actually happened to one of our multiplayer games that were using Giant Multiplayer Robot. As further testament to just how awesome the GMR guys are, they actually fixed all GMR save games that were broken by the patch so we could keep playing! Big thanks to the GMR team, and if you use GMR please don’t forget to click “Support Us” on their website.

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