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Tired of Google’s global tracking & filtering empire? The fledgling search engine DuckDuckGo aggregates results from Microsoft Bing and other non-Google sources, but more importantly does not store or transmit any personal data, including your search terms. At your next search DuckDuckGo won’t know what you have searched for last time, nor will it tell anyone else. The site’s own advertising is based on your current search only.

DuckDuckGo is user-friendly in other ways as well. Popular search terms yield remarkably useful “instant answers” from zero-click info sources, and results are navigable by keyboard commands shown on the same page. (You’d think that goes without saying but Google loves to hide such documentation in hard-to-find places.) DuckDuckGo is not quite as complete as Google and doesn’t do image searches yet, but I already liked it enough to make it the default search in my browser and on my website.

2013-09-30: While I’m keeping DuckDuckGo as my own default search engine, and keep recommending it on the grounds described above, I’ve reverted my own site search to Google. DDG often fails to present hits from my PDF documents, and sometimes from HTML pages as well. Moreover, Google includes results from Google+ which is occasionally useful.

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