Tektosyne & Other Project Updates

Uploaded Tektosyne 5.6.5, Class Diagrammer 1.4.5, and Hexkit 4.3.2. Class Diagrammer merely bundles the new Tektosyne version, so let’s look at the other two updates.

Tektosyne was compiled against the current NUnit version but more importantly, I fixed the usage and documentation of MersenneTwister.Default. Since this static instance is not thread-safe, only auxiliary methods intended for testing should use it. I added missing documentation for such cases in Geometry.GeoAlgorithms, and replaced the shared instance with a private instance in Collections.BraidedTree<TKey, TValue>.

Another misuse of MersenneTwister.Default was fixed in Hexkit. Here the shared instance is reserved for gameplay code which may run on a background thread, but was mistakenly used by the graphics engine. This was also changed to a private instance.

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