TeXstudio improves XeLaTeX support

My favorite LaTeX editor TeXstudio got some significant updates in the last two months. Version 2.4 completely reworked the build system and added direct support for XeLaTeX, the typesetting engine that isn’t stuck in the 20th century and can handle modern things like Unicode and OpenType fonts. TeXstudio now features a built-in command to run XeLaTeX itself, and you can easily adjust the compound build chains (including makeindex etc.) by changing a few occurrences of “pdflatex” to “xelatex”.

This seems to work quite well, so I no longer bother to run MikTeX’s own texify driver from TeXstudio. Another notable improvement concerns the built-in PDF viewer which now opens directly in the TeXstudio window, rather than as a separate window that requires side-by-side arrangement. I’ve updated LaTeX Typesetting with MiKTeX with the new (and much shorter) configuration instructions.

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