More Marumi Macro Moths

Late summer is here, meaning that flowers are running out of nectar and I’m running out of opportunities to shoot feeding insects oblivious to human observers. So I made another trek with my Sony NEX-7 camera, the SEL-18200 zoom lens, and a Marumi DHG Achromat macro filter. Unlike my previous expedition with the +5 filter, this time I picked the +3 variant. As expected the lower magnification is easier to focus, and it’s still plenty for anything bigger than a louse. If you’re deciding on a macro filter I definitely recommend starting with the lowest diopters, and only going higher if that’s insufficient.

As you would expect from the awkward alliteration, this gallery focuses on the order Lepidoptera. Click on any image to enter a full-screen gallery view with descriptions and Exif data.

2017-03-06: Moved the gallery from Google Photos to my own host.

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