MIME Browser 1.3 Released

Version 1.3 of MIME Browser, my free EML message viewer written in JavaFX, is now available for download. The one big change is the upgrade to Java SE 8 with JavaFX 8 whose new Modena theme is fashionably flat and gray, as you can see in the screenshot below. (I made the blue hyperlinks a bit darker because I found the very light default color hard to read.)

MIME Browser

There were also a few minor bugfixes, two of them courtesy of the updated WebView in JavaFX 8.

  • Zooming now scales the entire HTML view, including images and spacing, not just text.
  • The HTML view’s vertical scrollbar now scales correctly in high DPI mode on Windows.
  • Days of month in the directory view now correctly start at one rather than zero. (Sorry!)

There was one annoying regression concerning developers. I had to remove UML diagrams from the Javadoc class reference because yWorks UML Doclet is incompatible with Java SE 8. Apparently the tool uses some internal com.sun.* classes that have changed. I hope it will get updated soon.

2014-04-14: Uploaded version 1.3.1 with a tentative fix for a nasty bug where file modification dates could get altered – see the WhatsNew file for details.

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