Star Chess 2.0.3 Released

Star Chess 2.0.3 is now available for download. This release contains a number of tweaks and bug fixes, partly inspired by yesterday’s Class Diagrammer release.

  • As in Class Diagrammer, the ReadMe file now points to my recent post on JavaFX startup switches to avoid driver or scaling errors. I’ll also update the ReadMe file of MIME Browser accordingly but do not currently plan a new release for that application.
  • Tweaked the formatting of the integrated HTML help files, matching that of Class Diagrammer.
  • Fixed Command & context menu removing each other’s items. I thought I’d fixed the context menu in 2.0.2 but the actual issue was that JavaFX menu items can only attach to one menu at a time. I now duplicate all items for both menus.
  • Fixed the File: Exit menu item not actually closing the application. (Closing the Star Chess window directly did work, thankfully.)
  • Fixed many NetBeans inspector complaints about the source code, particularly the capitalization of constant names. There were a few functional fixes, too, but no issues likely to affect users.

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