Tierpark Hellabrunn with SEL-24240

Last summer I had posted a bunch of photos from Munich’s Hellabrunn zoo using the Sony SEL-70200G f/4 lens with an additional Minadax 1.7× telephoto converter on my Sony A7R II – see earlier post for gallery and photographic details. As noted there, the long zoom and lack of polarizing filter kept me from taking some shots I wanted, and besides there’s always a different crowd of animals around depending on the season and time of day.

So last week I returned, this time with the Sony SEL-24240 f/3.5-5.6 ultrazoom lens and a circular polarizer. While its optical quality is not as excellent as that of the G f/4 lenses, the huge zoom range of 24-240 mm is extremely convenient for shooting a wide variety of subjects. Among others, I was able to cover most of the primates and hoofed animals I had missed out on last time. Click on any image to enter a full-screen gallery view with descriptions of each subject.

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