Tektosyne 6.0.1 on GitHub

Tektosyne 6.0.1, a Java library for computational geometry and pathfinding, is now available for download. There are only a few minor changes compared to the initial Java release, most strictly internal and all related to FindBugs complaints.

  • PointDComparator/X/Y: Implemented Serializable interface for compatibility with serializable collections. This also required default constructors that leave epsilon at zero.
  • MultiLineIntersection: Added exceptions for illegal MultiLinePoint.Line location values.
  • PolygonGrid: Changed switch/case statements without default to simpler if/else statements.
  • RegularPolygon.inscribe: Clarified intentional truncating integer division.
  • SubdivisionSearch: Several small changes to shut up FindBugs, no functional differences.

GitHub Mirror

These FindBugs complaints were found by an automatic analysis while preparing Tektosyne for publication on GitHub. This was the idea and work of Giancarlo Dessena who is using Tektosyne in his own projects and wanted to give it more exposure.

Tektosyne on GitHub supports Gradle via JCenter and Maven via Maven Central, so you may find it more convenient than a manual download if you rely on these build systems. The library itself is currently identical, although the GitHub mirror will need a few days to catch up whenever I release a new version on my website. Thanks to Giancarlo for making this effort!

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