Munich Airport Exhibition

Last week Munich Airport celebrated the 25th anniversary of its move from Munich-Riem – too confined and too close to the city proper – out to Erdinger Moos, a sparsely populated area nearly 30 km distant from Munich. Aside from the requisite Bratwurst and Bierzelt the celebration included an exhibition of various civilian and military airplanes, both modern and historical. Three of them are always on display in the large Visitors Park, the others were assembled for the occasion.

On Saturday I went on a tour and took pictures of all the planes with my Sony Alpha 7R II and SEL-24270 zoom lens. Lighting conditions were highly variable due to the cloudy sky – I relied on Adobe Lightroom’s automatic correction to even out the differences. As usual the gallery images are slightly scaled down from 7952×5304 to 7346×4900 pixels, so as to avoid WordPress upload failures. Click on any image to enter a full-screen gallery view with descriptions and Exif data.

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