Two 19th Century Art Collections

I had recently visited two of Munich’s copious art museums, both showing fine samples of 19th century art: the permanent exhibition of the Neue Pinakothek back in May, and the current (always changing) exhibition of the Kunsthalle right now. The collections are massive, especially at Neue Pinakothek, but I sampled a few items to give you an impression.

All pictures were taken with my iPhone 6s but since these are historical artworks you’ll find perfect reproductions on the Internet anyway. Click on any thumbnail image to enter a full-screen gallery view with descriptions and Exif data.

Neue Pinakothek

Rebuilt in 1981 as the original had been too heavily damaged by allied bombers in World War 2, the Neue Pinakothek is an early example of post-modernism that moves away from brutalism and attempts to reincorporate natural stone and pleasant decorations in a modern construction. So the first two pictures show the building itself.

Kunsthalle: Pariser Salon

The Kunsthalle has no permanent exhibition. Currently a remarkable set of loans from the Parisian Musée d’Orsay is on show, covering notable works from the Salon de Paris. These are mostly devoted to a Renaissance ideal of style and motif, not unlike the works collected at Villa Stuck.

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