Messe München-Riem

Last year I posted a gallery on the peculiar geometrical horrors of Munich’s Messestadt Riem. As noted there the Messestadt got its name from the nearby trade fair (Messe München). While also modern, the grand spacious architecture of the main Messe entrance around its artificial lake (Messesee) is much more impressive than Messestadt’s endless rows of low housing blocks.

So when recently was there on a sunny spring day, I decided to have a walk around and take some pictures. I had only the iPhone 6s with me, but it’s perfect for this kind of architecture and landscape photography. There were two Alpha 7R II photos in the older gallery that covered the same ground, so I moved them here. You can easily recognize them as the day was cloudy then.

The gallery is organized as a walk around the Messe lake, starting at the Riem Arcaden shopping center to its south. The Messe grounds proper (not covered here) extend miles to the east from the western main entrance shown in the gallery. Click on any picture to enter a full-screen gallery view with Exif data.

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