Rammstein: Deutschland

I’m a fan of Rammstein but didn’t mention that on this blog until today’s Deutschland release. This is a monumental music video, covering German history from Arminius to the GDR in one song. I challenge anyone to provide a similar musical history for any other nation. Not only that but the video is extremely well-produced, with echoes from Wagner and Excalibur to modern science fiction.

There is one prominently featured black girl who evidently enjoys herself very much in her historical German costumes. I don’t see her as the kind of heritage-erasing stooge now ubiquitous in English culture. Her aesthetic presence is in line with 19th century exoticism, not 21st century race denial. Perhaps she is supposed to exemplify the old German claim to have a global civilizational task, or perhaps she was picked simply because her black skin makes for a great contrast with golden armor and white robes.

PS: A Twitter follower pointed out that one eminent role of the woman is Odin: she holds the severed head of Mímir. This is the kind of detail one would expect from few modern bands but Rammstein.

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  1. I watched the video but didn’t catch the Wagner reference. Was also puzzled about the Monks devouring the black girl at the table, why was that about? Really a solid Rammstein song though, been enjoying them since back in 97 when Du Hast took America by storm and dominated the alternative rock stations. Anyway the claims they glorified the Ashkenazi genocide (I refuse to use the Greek word I’m supposed to) were absurd, clearly they are not a right wing band ever if as DDR boys they still have big balls and I think are not happy about the Million Muslim Mob.

    1. I thought the knights-in-shining-armor sequences with their dramatic stage lighting and religious overtones were rather Wagnerian, very similar to the movie Excalibur which draws from the same inspirations. The people at the table might be early modern German minor nobility. There are famous passages from contemporary French writers who mocked the habit of provincial German courts to devour enormous meals without the polite conversation and manners expected in France. I don’t think the girl’s presence here means anything in particular, she’s just decoration.

      1. I’m meaning to rewatch it. I expect Germans would get a lot more details of course than a Yank! Even if I’ve seen more Wagner than most. Thanks for insights, Nahr.

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