Tektosyne 6.3 for Swing Released

Tektosyne 6.3.0 is now available for download. This is an unusual release as there are no functional changes whatsoever to the core library. Instead, the GUI demo application has been entirely rewritten, motivated of course by the recent removal of JavaFX from Oracle’s Java SE distributions. Here’s an overview of the changes. You can find the complete list in the What’s New file.

Demo Application

The demo application now uses AWT/Swing to eliminate its dependency on JavaFX. This facilitated dropping the minimum Java version requirement to Java SE 8, same as for the core library, though note that high DPI scaling requires Java SE 9 or later. Speaking of which, minimum window sizes don’t currently support high DPI but I worked around that with my resize listener. The Swing look-and-feel defaults to Nimbus which works well with DPI scaling.

Other Changes

There were some new library features from previous releases not yet reflected in the Tektosyne User’s Guide, so I took the opportunity to update the guide with all recent changes. I also made some cosmetic code changes to the core library. In particular, removing superfluous null checks from no less than 15 equals methods might yield some small performance improvements.

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