Greatest Hits in 2019

Total Kynosarges page views as determined by Google Analytics shrank rapidly year-over-year on both weblog and website, and would be worse if not for two surprisingly popular posts that have nothing to do with programming. The reasons are as usual: my traditionally most popular subjects – Windows DPI scaling, .NET/WPF and JavaFX development – are of declining relevance, both in general and to me personally, and the related posts are aging towards obsolescence. I did make a couple of new posts on Java Swing where I’m retargeting my Java projects but they did not attract much attention.

Indeed page visits have fallen so much across the board that I didn’t bother to compile visitor demographics for 2019 and probably won’t continue these annual posts. With that said, on to the statistics. Combined non-unique views went from 99,254 in 2018 (weblog 64,682, website 34,572) to 76,663 in 2019 (weblog 52,287, website 24,376). Here are the annual Top Ten pages, starting with weblog posts. Each link is followed by the original publishing date, total post views, and rounded change in views from 2018.

  1. Samurai Helmets (April 2019, 14,504 views, new) This photo gallery of a local exhibition proved massively popular on Hacker News.
  2. JavaFX Chart Coloring (May 2017, 2,281 views, –560) Here come the usual JavaFX posts, again decreasing in views.
  3. JavaFX Pane Clipping (November 2016, 2,176 views, –960)
  4. JavaFX Spinner for Numbers (October 2016, 2,159 views, –940)
  5. 3DViewer: Better 3D for JavaFX (April 2018, 2,036 views, –600)
  6. Full Speed into the Void (June 2019, 2,032 views, new) A rare political article, this is the only other new entry in 2019.
  7. JavaFX DPI Scaling (August 2013, 1,727 views, –1,110)
  8. DPI Settings in Windows 10 (September 2015, 1,440 views, –2,950)
  9. Java SE 11: The Great Removal (September 2018, 1,404 views, –7,370) Big news in 2018, old news in 2019.
  10. JavaFX DPI Scaling: Fixed! (June 2015, 1,223 views, –1,210) Page views fell so much across the board that this old post actually re-entered the Top Ten despite halved views.

On to my static website pages. I don’t really have any new comments to add, so please just see last year’s list if you are curious about any particular article. Most entries were present then too.

  1. Java for C# Programmers (August 2013, 5,567 views, –3,960)
  2. WPF Drawing Performance (June 2011, 2,887 views, –510)
  3. Check .NET Version with Inno Setup (September 2012, 2,769 views, –770)
  4. High DPI Settings in Windows (May 2011, 2,080 views, –1,720)
  5. DPI Scaling in Windows GUIs (May 2013, 1,992 views, –770)
  6. Rise of Nations on Windows 8 (February 2013, 1,682 views, –1,210)
  7. Tektosyne Library for Java (September 2010, 605 views, –230)
  8. .NET Struct Performance (June 2011, 403 views, –320)
  9. Comment Reflower (March 2000, 277 views, +31) The only old article in both lists to actually increase views!

Hilariously, a combined 774 views (half of them misspelling “html”) concerned a page called “Toolbox” that I long ago replaced with Tektosyne and which now just redirects to a 404 error page. The hits with a given referrer came exclusively from the Chinese search engine Baidu… a fitting epitaph for a declining website I suppose.

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