Translation: Repressiver Liberalismus

Last year I had translated two works by an anonymous Austrian author, Volle Fahrt ins Nichts (translation: Full Speed Into the Void) concerning right-wing populist parties, and Die große Müdigkeit (translation: The Great Fatigue) on reactionary fantasies.

Over a year later a third essay has finally appeared, Repressiver Liberalismus, a somber view on the crumbling of Western right-wing and identitarian movements of the last decade under increasing pressure from the liberal establishment. Somewhat belatedly (I was rather busy) I once again put up a translation, Repressive Liberalism.

2 thoughts on “Translation: Repressiver Liberalismus”

  1. Nahr, have you seen this German TV series “Barbaren”. If you wanted to watch it, I think you, as a German, would have some interesting takes on it and maybe you’d write a review and tell us what you think. Particularly keen to see what, if anything, you think it means about the state of modern German society.

    It’s not like cinematographically perfect or anything, but it’s quite a refreshing series. Even the apparent “girl power” is quite consistent with what we know about ancient Germanics, and compatible with patriotism. At the end of the short first season, there’s a monologue which makes me wonder if the Roman Empire in the series isn’t a stand-in for the American Empire in some way. Lastly, it’s absolutely not a hollywood production, and filled with what I perceive to be distinctly German cinema elements. Especially the tendency to almost cheesy twist endings to episodes, like those German detective series from the 70s. Worth your time I think.

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