MIME Browser 2.1 Released

Version 2.1 of MIME Browser, my free EML message viewer, is now available for download. This is a bugfix release prompted by a user report that double-clicking on a folder entry could select an entirely different file in the same folder. Turns out I had forgotten to translate between display and model row indices of my JTable, resulting in mismatches when the entry list was reordered using column header sorting.

The other fix concerns display of non-ASCII characters in the HTML view. These would turn up garbled if the declared HTML encoding was not UTF-8. The reason was that JavaMail always interprets the declared encoding and translates it to UTF-16 for Java strings, then passed on as UTF-8 streams to the Apache Xerces parser. Except Xerces doesn’t know this and re-interpreted the declared encoding, leading to incorrect display of extended characters. Any “charset” declaration is now rewritten as “utf-8” if necessary, solving this issue.

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