Kickstarting Obsidian

If you ever played computer role-playing games, you’ve hopefully heard about Obsidian’s massively successful Project Eternity on Kickstarter. The goal of $1.1 million was reached within a single day, and has been doubled by now. That’s great news for anyone who enjoyed previous games by the team or its members, from the classic Planescape: Torment … Continue reading “Kickstarting Obsidian”

Civilization V for Touchscreens

An official announcement should appear shortly, but meanwhile here’s a brief report and preview video from the Intel Developer Forum 2012: Civilization V Gets Touchscreen Adaptation for Ultrabooks and Tablets! Touchscreen support is to arrive in a free patch, presumably coinciding with public availability of touch-friendly Windows 8. That’s very exciting news since the only … Continue reading “Civilization V for Touchscreens”

Civilization V Patch Notes

The last big Civilization V patch was just followed by another hotfix, mostly concerning crashes. Neither has yet been added to the official Patch Notes thread, whose updates were becoming rather sluggish anyway. So I uploaded my own consolidated patch notes file, Civ5PatchNotes.txt. I’ll keep it updated as new patches are released. By the way, … Continue reading “Civilization V Patch Notes”

Civilization V: Gods & Kings

Firaxis has just released the new Gods & Kings expansion for Sid Meier’s Civilization V, following up on last week’s patch. The expansion features some significant rules changes and two entire new subsystems (Religion and Espionage returning from Civ4), as well as the expected new civilizations, units, buildings, etc. If you have turned off the … Continue reading “Civilization V: Gods & Kings”

Civilization V Pre-Expansion Patch

Firaxis has just patched Sid Meier’s Civilization V to version in preparation for the upcoming expansion Gods & Kings. The patch contains a few notable interface tweaks: You can finally retire from a game! You can finally toggle unit animations (movement & combat) during a game. This includes disabling them in single-player and enabling … Continue reading “Civilization V Pre-Expansion Patch”