Grand Java SE 8 Update

Following Oracle’s long-awaited release of Java SE 8, I went through my Java-related articles and updated them to the latest version. Most benchmark results haven’t changed much, but neither has Oracle’s annoying default Windows JVM packaging. Here are some updates on this sorry subject: Java Client VM — Java SE 8 is faster across the … Continue reading “Grand Java SE 8 Update”

Struct Performance 2014

Once again and probably for the last time, I’ve updated my .NET Struct Performance article with results for the latest batch of compilers and runtimes. Microsoft’s and Mono’s current CLRs are unchanged as expected, and so is the excellent MinGW gcc. Visual C++ 2013 gave a nasty shock with massive optimizer failures for user-defined types … Continue reading “Struct Performance 2014”

MIME Browser 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of MIME Browser, my free multi-platform EML viewer written in JavaFX, is now available for download. No big new features but a lot of small ones, including some user requests, as well as bug fixes and other tinkering. Specify individual files (in addition to folders) directly on the command line, or via drag … Continue reading “MIME Browser 1.2 Released”

Overview: Java versus C#

Today every programmer learns Java at school, but my university (where I walked uphill, both ways, barefoot, in the snow) had used C, Pascal, and Ada of all things. Later I went straight from C/C++ to C# when Microsoft released the .NET Framework. Eventually I also picked up Java on the side, after it had … Continue reading “Overview: Java versus C#”

MIME Browser 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of MIME Browser, my free multi-platform EML viewer written in JavaFX, is now available for download. This release adds the promised search feature. You can filter the message list by an arbitrary search term which is matched against file names and/or textual file contents. Other enhancements and fixes include: Combine multiple subdirectory levels … Continue reading “MIME Browser 1.1 Released”

MIME Browser Released

As I threatened after my unsuccessful Quest for EML Viewers, I wrote my own little cross-platform viewer in JavaFX. I called it “MIME Browser” as that’s the only generically obvious name that wasn’t taken yet. You can find more information and download both a precompiled executable and the complete source code at the new project … Continue reading “MIME Browser Released”

Comparison of DPI Scaling in GUI Frameworks

My new article DPI Scaling in Windows GUIs illustrates how four popular Windows GUI frameworks deal with High DPI Settings in Windows. The candidates include: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) – scales automatically and perfectly Windows Forms – can match WPF with some effort, but can also fail spectacularly JavaFX – scales well, unless using explicit … Continue reading “Comparison of DPI Scaling in GUI Frameworks”

Referrer Filter Released

The new Referrer Filter utility, or ReferFilter for short, is the result of my efforts to get a realistic idea of legitimate traffic from my server logs. ReferFilter is a small Java command-line program that reads a server log from stdin, checks the entries against a referrer whitelist, and produces a filtered log on stdout, … Continue reading “Referrer Filter Released”

Struct Performance 2013

After a long hiatus I’ve updated my .NET Struct Performance benchmarks with results for the latest batch of C#, C++, Java, and JavaScript compilers. As expected I needn’t have bothered with the first three – C++ and Java are as fast as ever, and C# is sadly as slow as ever, even in this test … Continue reading “Struct Performance 2013”