Avoiding the Java Client VM

When Java applications perform poorly on Windows, Java developers blame Windows and Windows developers blame Java. But most likely, the actual cause is using the wrong virtual machine. Oracle ships two VMs for 32-bit platforms, called Client VM and Server VM, and Windows defaults to the slower one. My new article on Java Client VM … Continue reading “Avoiding the Java Client VM”

TeXstudio improves XeLaTeX support

My favorite LaTeX editor TeXstudio got some significant updates in the last two months. Version 2.4 completely reworked the build system and added direct support for XeLaTeX, the typesetting engine that isn’t stuck in the 20th century and can handle modern things like Unicode and OpenType fonts. TeXstudio now features a built-in command to run … Continue reading “TeXstudio improves XeLaTeX support”

Comment Reflower for Visual Studio 2012

Shane Tolmie has just notified me that my Comment Reflower port for Visual Studio 2010 also works in VS 2012 – all you need to do is adjust two version numbers in the add-in control file. That’s great news, and I’ve updated the download package and ReadMe file accordingly. Thanks to Shane, and let me … Continue reading “Comment Reflower for Visual Studio 2012”

Myriarch Implementation Notes

As there is currently no proper PDF manual for Myriarch, here are some noteworthy implementation details. This post originally covered the .NET version (released 09/2012) but has been revised for the new Java version (released 06/2017). Unit Orders The core simulation uses the QuadTree class of my Tektosyne library to locate units and their neighbors. … Continue reading “Myriarch Implementation Notes”

Check .NET Version updated for 4.5

Check .NET Version with Inno Setup now includes a test for the new .NET Framework 4.5. That test was somewhat complicated since version 4.5 is an in-place update for 4.0 that reuses the exact same registry keys and merely changes some values. The check I used is the one suggested by How to: Determine Which … Continue reading “Check .NET Version updated for 4.5”

Project Myriarch Released

At long last, my new project Myriarch is available. This is the real-time combat simulator for pre-gunpowder tactical warfare that I started working on after Hexkit. Don’t get too excited – it’s a rather simple application with abstract graphics, still missing lots of desirable features. There’s just one built-in demo scenario, based on the Battle … Continue reading “Project Myriarch Released”

Tektosyne & Other Project Updates

Uploaded Tektosyne 5.6.5, Class Diagrammer 1.4.5, and Hexkit 4.3.2. Class Diagrammer merely bundles the new Tektosyne version, so let’s look at the other two updates. Tektosyne was compiled against the current NUnit version but more importantly, I fixed the usage and documentation of MersenneTwister.Default. Since this static instance is not thread-safe, only auxiliary methods intended … Continue reading “Tektosyne & Other Project Updates”

Tektosyne 5.6.4 Released

Uploaded Tektosyne 5.6.4 with an embarrassing bug fix. The quad tree’s FindNodeByValue method threw a null reference exception on anything but very small trees. I didn’t notice for a long time since this method is used only during debugging… and I had plainly forgotten to call it in my unit tests. Both issues are fixed … Continue reading “Tektosyne 5.6.4 Released”

Letters with KOMA-Script

The comprehensive LaTeX package KOMA-Script comes with a fairly powerful letter class, scrlttr2, that offers a broad variety of predefined variables and layout positions for window envelopes. Sadly, unlike KOMA-Script’s default layout for normal documents, the default letter layout is rather ugly. The recipient address field is too close to the edges of the envelope … Continue reading “Letters with KOMA-Script”

LaTeX Typesetting with MiKTeX

LaTeX Typesetting with MiKTeX describes my new LaTeX setup that was first used for the revised Star Chess and Tektosyne documents. The page lists all programs, style packages, and customizations I’m using. You can also download the LaTeX sources for both documents as practical examples. Moreover, I expanded Document Standards with an overview of (La)TeX … Continue reading “LaTeX Typesetting with MiKTeX”