Greatest Hits in 2019

Total Kynosarges page views as determined by Google Analytics shrank rapidly year-over-year on both weblog and website, and would be worse if not for two surprisingly popular posts that have nothing to do with programming. The reasons are as usual: my traditionally most popular subjects – Windows DPI scaling, .NET/WPF and JavaFX development – are … Continue reading “Greatest Hits in 2019”

Greatest Hits in 2018

Total Kynosarges page views as determined by Google Analytics again shrank year-over-year, but a strong weblog performance prevented a massacre. Combined non-unique views went from 101,616 in 2017 (weblog 54,077, website 47,539) to 99,254 in 2018 (weblog 64,682, website 34,572). Here are the annual Top Ten pages, starting with weblog posts. Each link is followed … Continue reading “Greatest Hits in 2018”

Avoid WordPress Export

WordPress comes with a built-in Export feature that saves some or all posts and related metadata to an XML file, supposedly as a backup or for transfer to another WordPress installation. Unfortunately this feature has two glaring flaws. Export scrambles HTML markup! I’m using the raw HTML editor to write my posts, so I know … Continue reading “Avoid WordPress Export”

Greatest Hits in 2017

Total Kynosarges page hits as determined by Google Analytics shrank once again year-over-year, going from 125,757 in 2016 (weblog 56,993, website 68,764) to 101,616 in 2017 (weblog 54,077, website 47,539). As you can see the major shrinkage came from the website while the weblog was fairly stable. Let’s see the annual Top Ten pages, starting … Continue reading “Greatest Hits in 2017”

New Theme: Twenty Sixteen

My old theme Twenty Twelve was getting a bit long in the tooth. Moreover, I had customized it extensively by direct editing, and that led to tiresome diff/search/replace exercises whenever WordPress released an update. So during the last week I gradually moved first this blog and then my static website over to Twenty Sixteen. This … Continue reading “New Theme: Twenty Sixteen”

WordPress Sitemaps with Jetpack

Jetpack can automatically produce XML sitemaps for its WordPress installation. These aren’t generated as static files but rather dynamically assembled on request, just like WordPress posts. While this feature generally works well there are some annoying caveats you should be aware of. Submit your Sitemap Regarding sitemaps for search engines (the only kind I’m interested … Continue reading “WordPress Sitemaps with Jetpack”

Self-Hosted WordPress Galleries

Over the last couple of weeks I moved all my photo galleries from Google Photos to my own WordPress host. For my readers, this means that you no longer have to click an obscure link to reach the actual gallery. You can see all images as thumbnails directly in each post, and click on any … Continue reading “Self-Hosted WordPress Galleries”

Simple Twitter Cards for Jetpack

Jetpack’s “Publicize” feature automatically adds a set of OpenGraph and optionally Twitter card tags to WordPress posts. I previously described manually setting a default OpenGraph image. Today we’ll have a look at manually defining Twitter cards. (Note: this post is an enhanced version of material originally added to the previous post.) Enabling Twitter Cards If … Continue reading “Simple Twitter Cards for Jetpack”

Exif for WordPress Galleries

Update 2020-09-28: I just discovered that a recent update to FooBox removed the hook I was using in the code below, and I couldn’t find a replacement. So this part won’t work anymore. Adding Exif(ography) information to the WordPress image attachments themselves still works as described. Time to uninstall the Foo stuff and revert to … Continue reading “Exif for WordPress Galleries”

Greatest Hits in 2016

Total Kynosarges page hits as determined by Google Analytics shrank considerably year-over-year, going from 174,787 in 2015 (weblog 83,766, website 91,021) to 125,757 in 2016 (weblog 56,993, website 68,764). I’ll discuss likely reasons below. But first, here are the annual Top Ten pages, starting with weblog posts. I’m listing the original publishing date and total … Continue reading “Greatest Hits in 2016”