Cleaning WordPress Databases

WordPress is a fine blogging software but the standard package lacks a disturbing number of basic features, even including Akismet and Jetpack. Yesterday I discovered that WordPress, which automatically saves post revisions for every edit and preview, never ever deletes them! Not only does WordPress not delete old revisions automatically, it does not even offer … Continue reading “Cleaning WordPress Databases”

Resizable HTML Scroll Boxes

CSS offers two ways to shrink wide elements so that they fit a narrower browser window: The white-space property whose default value of normal breaks long text lines at spaces, as in a word processor. The overflow property (also available as overflow-x and overflow-y) that can be set to auto or scroll to put wide … Continue reading “Resizable HTML Scroll Boxes”

Eternal Sunshine of the Spamless Blog

About eight months after I opened this weblog, spam comments were approaching 100 per day. The very reliable Akismet caught most of them, but checking the rising flood for false positives was getting tiresome. Requiring commenters’ names and e-mail addresses is useless because spammers automatically generate those anyway. Short of shutting down comments entirely, the … Continue reading “Eternal Sunshine of the Spamless Blog”

Sharing Buttons Begone

You may have noticed that there are no longer any social network sharing buttons on this weblog, nor on the main Kynosarges website. Thus ends a long experiment. On WordPress, sharing buttons are a standard feature and enabled by default. But I had also added passive Twitter links to the footer of each Kynosarges page … Continue reading “Sharing Buttons Begone”

Added .NET Archive Section

The Development section on my website was bursting at the seams, so I combined all resources related to .NET Framework programming into a new section, the .NET Archive. Four pages were moved, and .NET Books was split off from Developer Books. I’m not creating a corresponding weblog category for the new section since I don’t … Continue reading “Added .NET Archive Section”

Hack Culprit Found: TimThumb

The strange hack on The Sticky Tongue Project that only surfaced in the embedded browser of Google’s iOS app for Google+ has been happily resolved. Candace M Hansen, the website’s project developer and manager, contacted her hosting service which in turn identified an outdated version of TimThumb, a popular image resizing script. The Sticky Tongue … Continue reading “Hack Culprit Found: TimThumb”

Embedded iOS Browser Hacks

While browsing Google+ the other day with Google’s iPad app, I followed a link to The Sticky Tongue Project, covering wildlife with a focus on reptiles & amphibians. I was rather surprised at what appeared in the internal browser of Google’s app: Who knew dolphins were hawking medication? But take a closer look: it’s the … Continue reading “Embedded iOS Browser Hacks”

WordPress Sharing Buttons

A brief note on the sharing buttons you see (or don’t see) at the bottom of each post here. This might be instructive to new bloggers, assuming you don’t want to game the system for maximum followers because that’s not what I’m doing. By default an entire row is reserved for Likes. These are … Continue reading “WordPress Sharing Buttons”

Comment Spam and Other Annoyances

If you’re running a weblog you have no doubt seen thousands of nonsensical comments (hopefully caught by filtering) whose sole purpose is to put a spam link in the sender address. Greg Stevens’ enlightening article Revealed: the grubby world of comment spam describes GScraper, a commercial program that automates their creation. You type in some … Continue reading “Comment Spam and Other Annoyances”

Blogger Country Redirection

You may have noticed that Blogger weblogs appear as <i>name</i> in a link, but automatically redirect to a domain in your country of residence when you click on them, e.g. <i>name</i> As it turns out, this is a Google trick to allow country-specific censorship without harming global access to a given weblog. However, Google also … Continue reading “Blogger Country Redirection”