.NET 4.5 & Windows SDK 8.0

Out of morbid curiousity, I decided to install Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop on my Windows 7 machine. The required prerequisites included the notorious in-place upgrade to .NET Framework 4.5 and the new Windows SDK 8.0 for Windows 8. Here’s what I found: The .NET 4.5 in-place upgrade does indeed reuse the same … Continue reading “.NET 4.5 & Windows SDK 8.0”

Check .NET Version updated for 4.5

Check .NET Version with Inno Setup now includes a test for the new .NET Framework 4.5. That test was somewhat complicated since version 4.5 is an in-place update for 4.0 that reuses the exact same registry keys and merely changes some values. The check I used is the one suggested by How to: Determine Which … Continue reading “Check .NET Version updated for 4.5”

Project Myriarch Released

At long last, my new project Myriarch is available. This is the real-time combat simulator for pre-gunpowder tactical warfare that I started working on after Hexkit. Don’t get too excited – it’s a rather simple application with abstract graphics, still missing lots of desirable features. There’s just one built-in demo scenario, based on the Battle … Continue reading “Project Myriarch Released”

Tektosyne & Other Project Updates

Uploaded Tektosyne 5.6.5, Class Diagrammer 1.4.5, and Hexkit 4.3.2. Class Diagrammer merely bundles the new Tektosyne version, so let’s look at the other two updates. Tektosyne was compiled against the current NUnit version but more importantly, I fixed the usage and documentation of MersenneTwister.Default. Since this static instance is not thread-safe, only auxiliary methods intended … Continue reading “Tektosyne & Other Project Updates”

WinRT vs C# Overload Resolution

Browsing the Application Compatibility notes for the new .NET Framework 4.5, I noticed a very odd entry concerning Math.Ceiling and Math.Floor: Change: When you use .NET for Windows Store apps, C# may have difficulty with overload resolution when the Math.Ceiling or Math.Floor method is passed an integer. Impact: Source code may not compile successfully, or … Continue reading “WinRT vs C# Overload Resolution”

No .NET 4.5 for XP/2003

Microsoft has just declined a UserVoice request that the upcoming .NET 4.5 should be made available for Windows XP and Server 2003. With 3,322 votes this was the second most popular request on Microsoft’s own feedback site, proving once again that actively providing any sort of feedback to Microsoft is generally a waste of time. … Continue reading “No .NET 4.5 for XP/2003”

Tektosyne 5.6.4 Released

Uploaded Tektosyne 5.6.4 with an embarrassing bug fix. The quad tree’s FindNodeByValue method threw a null reference exception on anything but very small trees. I didn’t notice for a long time since this method is used only during debugging… and I had plainly forgotten to call it in my unit tests. Both issues are fixed … Continue reading “Tektosyne 5.6.4 Released”

Microsoft Un-Connect

Microsoft Connect is where Microsoft pretends to listen to customer feedback. In my experience, you shouldn’t bother unless you’re helping Microsoft debug a beta product. On 26 October 2008, I reported a WPF exception handling defect in Visual Studio 2008 SP1 which still persists in VS 2010 SP1. Within the VS debugger, exceptions in WPF … Continue reading “Microsoft Un-Connect”

Star Chess & Tektosyne Guides Revised

Uploaded revised & reformatted editions of two PDF documents: Computer Player Documentation for my ancient Star Chess game Tektosyne User’s Guide for my current Tektosyne Library Why these two? Well, the old Star Chess documentation was still written in LaTeX, so I used it for refining the LaTeX document style that I intend to use … Continue reading “Star Chess & Tektosyne Guides Revised”

Tektosyne 5.6.3 Released

Uploaded Tektosyne 5.6.3 with some new rectangle functions for relative point locations. The User’s Guide got a minor update as well, for the new RectLocation enumeration. Speaking of which, this enumeration calls the edge coordinates StartX/Y and EndX/Y as in LineD/F/I, rather than Left/Right/Top/Bottom as in RectD/F/I. The LRTB model originally seemed like a good … Continue reading “Tektosyne 5.6.3 Released”