EditPad Pro, EmEditor &c

From days immemorial (i.e. for about a decade), Yutaka Emura’s EmEditor was my preferred editor for all kinds of plain text, including HTML/XML documents and source code outside of full-fledged IDEs. Back in the day, EmEditor was one of the first editors to fully support Unicode. Indeed, I switched to EmEditor from two earlier favorites … Continue reading “EditPad Pro, EmEditor &c”

Dishonored Review

Dishonored is a steampunk assassin simulator by French developer Arkane Studios whose previous work includes Arx Fatalis and Bioshock 2, here teamed up with publisher Bethesda (Elder Scrolls, Fallout 3) and creative co-director Harvey Smith (Cybermage, Deus Ex, System Shock). All this sounds too good to be true, but amazingly the game lives up to … Continue reading “Dishonored Review”

LittleWing Pinball Review

The Japanese company LittleWing Pinball has been making pinball games for Macintosh and Windows since 1990, and two of their early classics are now available on iOS: Tristan and Crystal Caliburn II. Neither are cheap by iOS standards, and sadly there are no free demos either. However, they are far and away the best pinball … Continue reading “LittleWing Pinball Review”

Torchlight 2 Review

I just finished my first run through Torchlight 2 with an engineer on veteran difficulty level, so here are a couple of thoughts on the game. First, there’s a lot of things to like: Only $20, available directly from the developer as a fairly compact 1.4 GB download. The simple game launcher merely checks for … Continue reading “Torchlight 2 Review”

Civilization V: Gods & Kings

Firaxis has just released the new Gods & Kings expansion for Sid Meier’s Civilization V, following up on last week’s patch. The expansion features some significant rules changes and two entire new subsystems (Religion and Espionage returning from Civ4), as well as the expected new civilizations, units, buildings, etc. If you have turned off the … Continue reading “Civilization V: Gods & Kings”